Public Speaking Tips

Verbal & nonverbal communication work together. Use body language that supports your words to reinforce the message.

The words “actually” and “I think” limit your authority and conviction. Don’t use them. Instead, be declarative.

When you are under pressure, remain objective.  Pause and take a long, deep breath before you speak.

Speak with adequate pauses. This gives a sense of authority and confidence in what is being said.

Use cadence to make your speech more poignant. Cadence imparts a harmonious effect to any speech.

Pace yourself. Speaking too fast tells your audience you are nervous, so take a deep breath and be mindful of your rate.

Say only words! Avoid fillers such as “um, uh, er, aaah,” and sounds that only masquerade as words, such as “like.”

Monitor your volume and tone. They give a snapshot of your feelings. Keep your tone even and calm. It communicates confidence and respect.

Don’t wing it! Know what you want to say and how you want to say it— preparation is key for a successful presentation.

When dealing with a sensitive topic, be clear, concise, correct, and kind. This is important for email also.

When leaving a voice mail, sound positive, polished and professional. People will get a wonderful first vocal impression!

Dress the part!  When you look great, you feel more confident & comfortable— and that will come across to your audience.

Keep this in mind— your audience is there because they want to hear what you have to say. They are rooting for you!